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Comments from Foreign Exchange Students

Foreign exchange students at Osaka Electro-Communication University discuss their life at school.

Faculty of Information Science and Arts, Department of Digital Art and Animation

Chenyun Ma

I enrolled in O.E.C.U. through Jiangnan University's Academic Exchange Special Agreement Program. Japanese animation is rated very highly in China, and I am one of its many fans. This inspired me to grow interested in the process of creating animated cartoons, and I decided to study abroad in Japan – the center of animation – to learn how to make my own digital creations. O.E.C.U. has an unimaginably large amount of equipment to learn on, and the teachers are very conscientious and kind. I'm working hard so that I can start producing my own work soon.

Faculty of Information Science and Arts, Department of Digital Games

Kurniawan Lisandi

I come from Indonesia, and entered O.E.C.U. as a government-sponsored foreign student. In the Department of Digital Games, you can study planning, design, and programming related to video games. I am majoring in Design, and in class I am creating works and websites using 3D graphics. There aren't many corporations in Indonesia that deal with entertainment, so after graduation I have an official offer to enter Rakuten. In this way, I'm hoping to work towards providing enjoyment to people through digital contents.

Graduate School Master's Course, Division of Computer Science

Leizhi Chen

I graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University and then enrolled in O.E.C.U.'s Graduate School. My research theme relates to algorithms for three-dimensional image processing. Even the best 3D images aren't generally useful if they are hard to deal with, so I'm researching interfaces that are user-friendly. This year, I am also scheduled to participate in a short-term study abroad program at Sheridan College in Canada, one of O.E.C.U.'s affiliated universities. I'm also searching for a job in Japan at the same time, so every day is very busy!

Graduate School Master's Course, Division of Digital Games

Roberto Nunez

I'm from Mexico, and I enrolled in O.E.C.U.'s Graduate School as a government-sponsored foreign student. I'm researching artificial intelligence (AI) used in video games, as well as its evaluation. AI used in video games must be tailored so that players do not get tired of the game. This is because characters who are too strong or too weak don't provide the player with sufficient levels of enjoyment. Currently, I'm working on programming every day to create a game that can be played on an iPad to exhibit at the Tokyo Game Show. There aren't many technicians who can develop video games in Mexico, and I'm hoping to find a job where I can create game software.

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