Educational and research facilities

Joint Institute for Advanced Multimedia Studies

The Joint Institute for Advanced Multimedia Studies (JIAMS) is the central facility for industry-government-academia cooperation at O.E.C.U.'s Shijonawate Campus.

Osaka Electro-Communication University Library

This library features a wealth of printed resources related to electrical engineering and information technology, as well as many new books. You can search for books by term, conditions, or use the secondary search function. The website also contains information about hours, vacations, and closings.

Fundamental Electronics Research Institute

This purpose of this facility is to carry out research related to the fundamental fields of electronics, to develop new materials and elements that form the foundation of electronics, and to perform characterization at the atomic and molecular level.

Academic Frontier Promotion Center

This center makes use of materials with new functionality that employs and regulates nanostructure and interface effects to contribute to device fabrication using next-generation materials that save energy and are compliant with environmental measurement and new types of energy.

Media Communication Center

This center, based on its Mission Statement, provides all faculties with computers and information network services for their education and research activities. Its main functions include managing computer labs (over 800 computers in twelve labs), providing e-Learning systems, school network administration, providing wireless LAN services, and supporting education and research that make use of these information resources.

Center for Educational Development

This center publishes annual reports regarding research activities and education, serving as vital support for the promotion of measures for publicly releasing information about education and research activities. It occupies an important position as part of O.E.C.U.'s self-evaluation and self-inspection.

The Institute of Satellite Communication Research

This institute is a key station for satellite communication research. It continuously records beacon signals (19.45 GHz, right-hand circular polarization) sent from satellites while also carrying out weather observation including rainfall. It also carries out research regarding the special characteristics of rain attenuation and cross-polarization discrimination (XPD) degradation in the propagation channel of high-frequency Ka band waves.

Visual Information Research Institute

Here, basic research is carried out that systematically locates visual information, promotes O.E.C.U.'s unique research, and also contributes to related academic meetings and the industrial world. The particular goal of this institute is to discuss and place visual information processing in a systematic way that is part of a larger flow of the acquisition, processing, recognition, and generation of visual information, as well as to produce substantial research results.

Fundamental Mechatronics Research Institute

Mechatronics is a field that unites mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, system engineering, measurement and control engineering, robotics, and information processing technology, and will be even more sought after in the future. This institute further promotes research activities and supports advanced education.

Experimental Center for Physics & Engineering

This center was established as a substantial facility for experiments and training, which are the central focus of O.E.C.U.'s practical science education. Experiments for seven departments are carried out at this center.

Jiyu Kobo (Free Workshop)

The Jiyu Kobo (Free Workshop) was established to provide multifaceted support for the extracurricular activities of students who are interested in manufacturing. It is open to all departments to provide a place for communicating with students of different disciplines.

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Neyagawa Campus・
Campus in front of the station

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Information
    and Communication Engineering
  • Faculty of Financial Economy
Neyagawa Campus
18-8 Hatsucho, Neyagawa-shi,
Osaka 572-8530
Campus in front of the station
12-16 Hayakocho, Neyagawa-shi,
Osaka 572-0837


Shijonawate Campus

  • Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
  • Faculty of Information Science and Arts

1130-70 Kiyotaki, Shijonawate-shi,
Osaka 575-0063


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