New Education Building

The New Education Building is a composite facility that was completed in autumn 2008. It is seven floors tall, has a total floor area of 16,500 square meters, and features the latest equipment for science and technology education. The first floor contains a library, student lounge, and cafeteria, while the second floor has a library, the third to fifth floors are made up of lecture halls, and the sixth and seventh floors contain information education laboratories.

  • Computer lab

  • Office
    Small hall
    Multi-purpose rooms
    Conference rooms

  • Lecture halls

  • Lecture halls

  • Lecture halls

  • Library
    Reading room
    Study room

  • Entrance
    Student lounge
    Student cafeteria

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Neyagawa Campus・
Campus in front of the station

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Information
    and Communication Engineering
  • Faculty of Financial Economy
Neyagawa Campus
18-8 Hatsucho, Neyagawa-shi,
Osaka 572-8530
Campus in front of the station
12-16 Hayakocho, Neyagawa-shi,
Osaka 572-0837


Shijonawate Campus

  • Faculty of Medical Science and Health-Promotion
  • Faculty of Information Science and Arts

1130-70 Kiyotaki, Shijonawate-shi,
Osaka 575-0063


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