Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering

Striving towards specialists in biomedical engineering who can meet the needs of society

Human resources rich in human qualities with expertise and practical skill in the area of nursing assistance for the elderly and the physically impaired are vital for our aging society. These human resources must also be able to develop medical technology and assistive devices in addition to managing medical information. Attention toward the safety control and effective utilization of these elements is also imperative. In order to meet these social demands, the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering develops specialists in the fields of medical care and welfare by relaying expert knowledge to its students in a wide range of areas from life support to daily life assistance.

Study Points

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    The Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering is a one of a kind graduate school that stands out from all other graduate institutions in Japan.

  • 02

    Stimulating learning provided through the cooperation of medical technologists.

  • 03

    A superior research environment to learn about the future of the field.


Division of Biomedical Engineering

The Division of Biomedical Engineering respects the independence of its students and is distinctive with respect to the large extent that it develops them. For this reason it is capable of propelling students forward by allowing them to explain their own thoughts to teaching staff and other students. In this type of environment, specialists in biomedicine are raised, supporting team medical care and welfare. Individuals who complete their studies in this division are expected to actively participate as technicians who can respond to the needs of society, including the improvement of quality of life.

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Neyagawa Campus・
Campus in front of the station

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Information
    and Communication Engineering
  • Faculty of Financial Economy
Neyagawa Campus
18-8 Hatsucho, Neyagawa-shi,
Osaka 572-8530
Campus in front of the station
12-16 Hayakocho, Neyagawa-shi,
Osaka 572-0837


Shijonawate Campus

  • Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
  • Faculty of Information Science and Arts

1130-70 Kiyotaki, Shijonawate-shi,
Osaka 575-0063


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