University philosophy

The origin of Osaka Electro-Communication University was the East Asian Telecommunications Engineering School, which was established in 1941. As a university, it is directly descended from Osaka Electro-Communication University Junior College, which was established in 1958. Osaka Electro-Communication University Junior College’s Electronic Engineering Department was created at the same time as the Electronic Engineering Departments at the University of Tokyo and Osaka University, making it the first such department at a private school in Japan. At the time, it was understood that manufacturing, based on electronic engineering, would help build the nation. Four-year universities were desired by the industrial world to educate technical experts, and The Osaka Electro-Communication University was founded three years later in 1961 as a result.

When this school was first opened, it started from just one faculty, the Faculty of Engineering. It has now grown into a “general technical university” with four faculties (Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering, Faculty of Medical Science and Health-Promotion, Faculty of Information Science and Arts) with 15 departments and three graduate schools with eight divisions. It has sent more than 50,000 graduates out into the world and has played a role in society as an institution of higher education.

This school will reach the 80th anniversary of its establishment in 2021. The use of AI and the IoT will advance rapidly in society from now on. Information education was the starting point for our school and we will develop this even further to make a wide contribution with our knowledge and technology.


Fundamental principles

  1. The Osaka Electro-Communication University aims to produce people who possess the characteristics sought after by the school, and to be a place where students and teaching staff work together while further cultivating their characters through diligent study.
  2. The Osaka Electro-Communication University places importance on practical education that simultaneously utilizes the hands, head, and heart.
  3. The Osaka Electro-Communication University devotes itself to making great efforts for personal growth and continual learning.

Ideal characteristics

  1. People with fundamental human capability who hone their ability to respond realistically and solve practical problems, and who autonomously work for self-growth.
  2. People who exhibit individuality and who contribute to society by fulfilling their roles responsibly.
  3. People who have pride in themselves, live spiritually rich lives, and strive to improve themselves.

Guidelines for The Osaka Electro-Communication University teaching staff

Our teaching staff serves to support the Osaka Electro-Communication University, and has created these guidelines to accomplish the ideals mentioned above.

  1. In order to fulfill the Fundamental Principles, we respond to the changing times and are open to innovation.
  2. We aim to be a unique university and to provide students with added value and instruction they can’t find anywhere else.
  3. We unfailingly focus on the students and support their efforts to lead meaningful student lives.
  4. Because we believe that teaching staff are valuable assets that support the school, we work to improve their merit even further, and to return the results of these efforts to the students.
  5. We honor the history and future of the school, and aspire to contribute to the region and society as a whole.