Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Cultivating specialists, including clinical engineers, with strong technical skills and rich human qualities

Advanced, cutting-edge technology is being utilized in the biomedical field, demanding high-level expertise and technical skills in areas including rehabilitation, preventative medicine, and health sciences. In order to meet these demands, the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering offers three courses of study: Biomedical Engineering, Physical Therapy, and Health-Promotion and Sports Science. This faculty provides its students with a composite education in clinical medicine, clinical engineering, and informatics, and cultivates specialists who have the capacity to be active on the front lines of medical welfare and health sciences.


Department of Biomedical Engineering

Save lives and care for people – study clinical medicine, clinical engineering, bioinformatics, health, and welfare

The Department of Biomedical Engineering develops high-level human resources who can actively participate at healthcare facilities and the forefront of the welfare field from the front lines of high-tech medical/healthcare device development. With specialized education in clinical engineering, medical/healthcare device development, and medical informatics, this department prepares its students to seek qualifications (clinical engineer, medical informatics engineer, bioengineer, etc.) that will benefit them in the future.

Department of Physical Therapy

Direct guidance by physical therapists who have mastered actual physical therapy techniques

Physical therapists (PTs) restore the movement of their patients, and assist in their rehabilitation into society. Along with the advancement of medical technology and medical devices, the level of knowledge and technical skill required of PTs is also rising. In addition to the medical knowledge required by PTs, this department assists in the acquisition of skills that can fully take advantage of medical devises with an engineering curriculum of a caliber that only this university can offer.

Department of Health-Promotion and Sports Science

A new specialized field born from the fusion of health science and sports science

A department that is garnishing a great deal of attention, the Department of Health-Promotion and Sports Science seeks out new research and practices from specialized fields including medicine, nutrition, engineering, information, kinematics, education, and practical application, looking at health and sports through the eyes of science. In particular, the department cultivates specialists including human resources who strive toward the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and improvement of quality of life, sports trainers, health and physical education instructors, and device development staff at manufacturing facilities.

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