Graduate School of Engineering

Leading the industry and representing the leading edge of technology

With the goal of developing specialized human resources able to contribute to industrial society with advanced engineering and the scientific technology that is its foundation, this faculty is divided into four specialties: the Division of Electronics and Applied Physics, the Division of Electronics and Communication Engineering, the Division of Mechanical and Control Engineering, and the Division of Information and Computer Sciences. By further deepening interest in engineering fields cultivated during study in the Faculty of Engineering as well as research results that have been obtained, specialists can be developed in each field combining the knowledge and technical skill able to contribute to the creation of new technology.


Division of Electronics and Applied Physics

The Division of Electronics and Applied Physics has established four specialized fields: General Electronics Engineering, Materials Chemistry, Basic Science, and Mathematical Analysis. While drawing connections and mastering knowledge over a wide range of fields, this division proceeds with specialized research, responding in a flexible way to changes in the developing fields of applied physics and aiming to develop human resources who can apply their acquired knowledge and technical capability.

Division of Electronics and Communication Engineering

This division is composed of the three specialized fields of Optical and Electronic Device Engineering, Photonics and Microwave Engineering, and Communication and Network Engineering, cultivating independent, active engineers through the implementation of practical education. The division aims for the mastery of basic knowledge and application technology in major fields of electronics and communication engineering such as semiconductor devices, optical devices, sensing technology, and communications technology, with the goal of developing human resources that can contribute to the growth of related fields.

Division of Mechanical and Control Engineering

After learning the fundamentals not only of electrical and electronic engineering, machinery, and environmental technology, but also measurement, control, and information, students in this division can address cutting-edge research topics in courses according to their goals. It aims to develop researchers and engineers who have acquired knowledge over a wide variety of fields from mechatronics to environmental technology, as well as advanced research and development ability.

Division of Information and Computer Sciences

The Division of Information and Computer Sciences is composed of the five specialized fields of Fundamentals of Informatics, Information Processing, Industry Engineering, Fundamentals of Computation, and Visual Informatics. Students in this division can engage in research and development in fields that include artificial intelligence, computer graphics, fuzzy engineering, image engineering, computer networks, and robot engineering. It aims to develop future-oriented computer specialists with a sense of freedom and innovation, able to respond flexibly to technological innovations.

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Neyagawa Campus・
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  • Faculty of Engineering
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    and Communication Engineering
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Neyagawa Campus
18-8 Hatsucho, Neyagawa-shi,
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Campus in front of the station
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Shijonawate Campus

  • Faculty of Medical Science and Health-Promotion
  • Faculty of Information Science and Arts

1130-70 Kiyotaki, Shijonawate-shi,
Osaka 575-0063


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