Graduate School of Information Science and Arts

Transmitting new digital contents to a "ubiquitous network society".

The Graduate School of Information Science and Arts carries out practical research activities that revolve around the Joint Institute for Advanced Multimedia Studies (JIAMS), a central location for industry-university-government cooperation. It develops engineers, researchers, and creators who combine specialized knowledge and practical technical skill that can be applied to society through research related to computer science (information), digital creation, contents planning and development, and production of contents industry-related fields.


Division of Digital Art and Animation

The Division of Digital Art and Animation includes two specialized fields: an “Art Branch” and “Information Branch”, and engages in advanced, specialized research and production in fields that include animation, image culture, digital art, art management, communication design, and information technology. It aims to develop human resources who have acquired knowledge, technical skill, and a sense of humanity regarding production and management in those fields, and who can be active in the world of digital contents businesses both domestically and overseas.

Division of Digital Games

In order to enrich and improve our lifestyle culture by digital games, which are a blend of information and art, this division aims to cultivate specialized human resources with a broad viewpoint able to draw connections between human psychology and society and to apply in-depth knowledge related to software and hardware as well as techniques of expression in art design, in order to develop and produce a wide variety of digital contents.

Division of Digital Games

In the Division of Computer Science, students can obtain a well-balanced mastery of knowledge and technical skills ranging from the basics of software and hardware (computer systems) to applications of networks and media (media computers). The division also allows students to explore diverse research topics that include algorithms, information theory, information networks, robotics, human interfaces, virtual reality, computer vision, and embedded systems, developing human resources able to play active roles in society as part of the computer science field.

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Neyagawa Campus・
Campus in front of the station

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Information
    and Communication Engineering
  • Faculty of Financial Economy
Neyagawa Campus
18-8 Hatsucho, Neyagawa-shi,
Osaka 572-8530
Campus in front of the station
12-16 Hayakocho, Neyagawa-shi,
Osaka 572-0837


Shijonawate Campus

  • Faculty of Medical Science and Health-Promotion
  • Faculty of Information Science and Arts

1130-70 Kiyotaki, Shijonawate-shi,
Osaka 575-0063


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